WV Native Kevin Sizemore – The Dark: The Great Deceiver 5 part miniseries

The Dark: The Great Deceiver 5 part miniseries

It’s the Seventh Year of the Tribulation. Christianity has practically been wiped off the face of the Earth, save for small bands of Believers just trying to survive until the Second Coming. The Dark” is a compelling five-part series from Rossetti Productions and Questar Entertainment that gives you a chilling, yet inspiring insight into those times. With no electricity, electronics, shortages of essentials, and no rule of law, Kevin Sizemore (Case For Christ, Woodlawn) as Pastor Peter Braxton leads his inspired inner circle: Kelly Bartram, Jessica Bell, John Wells, Dylan Cruz and Allen Hogan to embark on a harrowing quest to find his abducted son and other lost members of his embattled congregation. They try to hold fast to their Christian principles as the Lord of Darkness played by Silvio Wolf Busch sends his minions to carry out his evil plan. Along the way, the brave group encounters dangerous and otherworldly obstacles that require the utmost of their courage, inner strength, and divine guidance.

The Dark: The Great Deceiver premiered Oct. 1st on Pure Flix www.pureflix.com and the dvd is now also avail on Amazon.  https://www.amazon.com/Dark-Great-Deceiver-Kevin-Sizemore/dp/B08HT9PZB5