Viral Idol Group Sorb3t Disband Amid Threats, Doxxing

California idol group Sorb3t, composed of members Berry, Ashe and Alice, is officially disbanding after backlash they received for their viral call-and-response video on TikTok back in May.

The kaigai (overseas) idol group announced the group’s dissolution via Twitter on July 23.

“Hello, everyone. We are sad to announce that SORB3T will be disbanding. We want to clarify that it is NOT due to turmoil between members. The three of us are all still friends who care about each other. The reason behind our disbandment is this whole situation taking a huge toll on all of our physical and mental health,” the group wrote on Twitter.

Sorb3t explained they have been “threatened” on the internet, including getting doxxed, following backlash they received a few months ago.

“The three of us were doxxed, threatened, and people interfered with all of our personal lives. So, even though we all wanted to see SORB3T through and achieve our idol dreams together as a trio, we all thought it would be for the best if we dissolved the group,” they continued.

Currently, Sorb3t’s official TikTok account shows no videos, but the group’s statement says the members will continue to post on their individual social media profiles.

“What makes us truly happy is performing. We all have an intense love and passion for it. That’s why you’ve been seeing us active on our individual accounts. We can’t stop ourselves from wanting to make others smile and inspire people the same way that our favorite idols inspire us. But this whole thing has still taken a massive toll on us,” they continued.

“We wholeheartedly want to thank you for supporting SORB3T and its members, and we’ll see what the future holds,” Sorb3t concluded.

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In May, the music group, which was inspired by J-pop idol groups, went viral for their call-and-response-style introduction video, which demonstrated how they would interact with their fans in a live setting.

Member Berry’s call-and-response drew backlash because it was partly spoken in Japanese, using loan words pronounced in Japanese.

Many on social media unfamiliar with kaigai idol groups accused Sorb3t of cultural appropriation following the viral video.

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