Study Reveals Most Popular Band T-Shirt

If you’re a rock or metal fan, the chances that you own at least one band T-shirt are pretty high. A new study by RushOrderTees has determined the most popular band worn on T-shirts.

RushOrderTees surveyed 1,017 people who own band T-shirts in order to gather the data. They broke down the results by genre, artist and even listed unspoken rules of representing musicians on your clothing.

The most popular band to sport on a T-shirt was AC/DC — 21.4 percent of the participants said they own at least one of their shirts. Aerosmith, Queen, Pink Floyd and Green Day were the other contenders in the Top 5, respectively. Nirvana and Metallica fell just short of the Top 10 at 13.2 percent each — both were beat by Ariana Grande.

Other findings of the study note that heavy metal fans own the most band T-shirts with a whopping 17 on average. However, punk fans spent the most money on their shirt collection, totaling in at $597 on average.

If you’ve ever worn a band shirt and were approached by someone trying to quiz your knowledge on the music, you’ll like this part — the “(Unspoken) Band Tee Rules.” The most-supported rule was that people should buy a band shirt before a concert to wear during the show. Next, only authentic band shirts count as “real.”

Roughly 29 percent of the candidates felt that people shouldn’t wear a shirt with the logo of an artist that they don’t actually listen to, and 20.6 percent felt that you shouldn’t wear a band’s shirt to their own concert at all. Oh — and you should know at least 10 songs by the artist prior to wearing their shirt.

Finally, 13.6 percent of the contestants stated that they don’t have any rules for wearing band shirts.

See tables with some of the results below, and check out the full study here.

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