pop culture brain — Tales From the Loop, whose one season is available…

Tales From the Loop, whose one season is available on Amazon, is a lush and evocative entry into the sci-fi anthology genre. Somewhere between Black Mirror and Stranger Things, the series tackles big ideas about technology, identity, and family by bringing retro futurism to an eerie, out-of-time suburbia. This is probably the only show you’ll see that’s based on a Swedish art book — but that book (also called Tales From the Loop) provides the series with a wholly unique aesthetic. Decaying tech and the vistas of a falsely idealized small town America swirl into a captivating and uneasy tone throughout the show’s 8 episodes. The first half of the season features a run of loosely connected standalone stories that are pure Twilight Zone. I’d go as far as to say Tales From the Loop does Twilight Zone better than the modern remake of Twilight Zone and even matches the heights of Black Mirror. The back half of the season ties things together and comes out as a much more serialized show with a little less success. This show definitely flew under the radar, but if you like this genre, beautiful cinematography, or shows based on Swedish art, it’s there.

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