Meet Goldie Heart and her new single ‘Blow My Mind’

Goldie Heart is Katie Welch’s new musical alter ego, a singer who has been independently releasing music since 2015.

After making a name for herself with tracks like ‘Something in the Water,’ ‘BLVD,’ and ‘Warm It Up,’ this Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter has decided to embark on a new solo musical journey under the name Goldie Heart.

According to her official website biography, Goldie’s songs capture the essence of her journey and serve as emotional soundtracks for love, heartbreak, self-discovery, and triumph. Her captivating and moving songs span multiple genres, combining cinematic pop, R&B, disco music, and soul.

As part of this new phase, the singer has already released the introductory track ‘GOLDEN‘ and her most recent single, ‘Blow My Mind’, which was composed by Katie herself and Ian Pinck, Luke Nilan, Matthew Wiggars, and Winter Jones.

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