Enrique Iglesias Fans Shocked by Live Singing: ‘Sounds Like Elmo’

Fans of Enrique Iglesias know the Spanish singer for his hit singles from the late ’90s, 2000s and 2010s, as well as his lasting heartthrob image and passionate vocal style.

However, fans haven’t been impressed with the “Hero” singer’s recent performances while on his Trilogy Tour alongside Ricky Martin and Pitbull.

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Over the past few weeks, tour attendees have shared footage online of Iglesias delivering odd vocals and bizarre dance moves on stage.

From mildly punching the air to limply humping the stage for minutes on end while in a plank position, the Latin pop icon has left many fans scratching their heads at his peculiar dance moves and stage presence.

“I was actively trying to control my laughter during Enrique’s set,” one attendee wrote alongside her video of the performer’s on-stage antics.

His vocal performances have received even more criticism as some videos show him sounding like Elmo or Mickey Mouse, singing off-key and struggling to hit higher notes, or even skipping entire parts of songs and allowing the crowd to sing for him.

“POV: Waited a lifetime to see Enrique Iglesias sing just to find out he sounds like Elmo and can’t sing,” another TikTok user shared alongside a video of the pop star performing.

Many have likened some of his performances to bad karaoke, and some have even compared Iglesias to Paolo — the pitchy, lip-syncing pop star villain from The Lizzie McGuire Movie who gets exposed at the end of the film for not having any real vocal talent.

Despite his recent string of, um, unusual performances, Enrique Iglesias is undoubtedly a global superstar and Latin pop icon.

The Grammy-winning artist has more more than 200 music awards and has released chart-topping songs such as “Hero,” “Be With You” and “Bailamos,” and even performed at the Super Bowl.

Iglesias is on tour with Pitbull and Martin until March 2024.

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