Brandon Flowers Working on New Solo Album: ‘It’s Different’

Brandon Flowers has secretly been working on his third solo album.

The Killers frontman, who released his Flamingo and The Desired Effect albums in 2010 and 2015, said while discussing the future of his band he was close to finishing his latest effort.

He told NME: “I’m making a solo record right now! I almost had it wrapped up. “The goal has always been to get all four original members to take ownership and be proud of what we’re doing, but it’s so difficult with all four of us living in different cities.

“It’s not impossible. It’s weird to be talking to you about it, but I’d definitely like to do that.”

Flowers added about the style of his upcoming album: “It’s different. I feel like it embodies a little bit of my first two solo records, but obviously there’s so much more living that I’ve done in the seven years since my last effort.

“I’ve got a lot more insight and things that I’ve absorbed. I’m really loving how it’s turning out.”

The Killers, consisting of Flowers, drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr and their sometime bandmates Mark Stoermer and Dave Keuning, spoke about his new solo record as news broke that the Las Vegas indie veterans’ new ‘best of’ collection Rebel Diamonds had reached No1 in the UK charts.

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It marked the “Mr. Brightside” rockers’ eighth chart-topping LP, which Flowers hailed as “pretty amazing.”

He added: “It’s hard to fathom. I’ve been caught up in this whirlwind for 20 years; in this cycle of touring, writing, touring and writing.

“The most time we had to reflect was during Covid, and it was quite an awakening process to get time to look through all that we’d done. I’m really proud of the band and the work.”

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