Beyonce Walks Off Stage After Sound Goes Out During Concert

Beyoncé walked off stage after experiencing technical difficulties during her Phoenix, Ariz., tour date on the Renaissance Tour Thursday (Aug. 24).

A sound issue caused a 10-minute interruption when the entire audio system failed during the song “Alien Superstar.”

Ironically, the song opens with the line, “The DJ booth is conducting a troubleshoot test of the entire system.”

Due to the audio problem, Beyoncé and her dancers left the stage, and the audience was left in silence for 10 minutes.

However, Queen Bey didn’t let the mishap go to waste. She took that opportunity to change into a brand new outfit — a metallic silver dress with shimmering wings — before starting the song over.

This isn’t the first time Beyoncé has experienced technical difficulties during her massive Renaissance Tour, which kicked off in Stockholm, Sweden, back in May.

Most recently, a storm wreaked havoc on the tour in Maryland, forcing thousands of fans to shelter in place while they waited out the aggressive weather.

Several fans reportedly fell victim to heat exhaustion due to the venue’s tight quarters, and Beyoncé’s team paid $100,000 to keep the metro open late so fans could get home safely after the concert was delayed.

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In Germany, Queen Bey also almost experienced the dreaded nip slip, but a backup dancer helped save her from the wardrobe malfunction during her hit song “Break My Soul.”

Then, in London, her iconic Mugler bee helmet broke onstage when she struggled to take it off. The hat ended up losing an antenna.

Plus, there’s the ongoing trend of the “everybody on mute” challenge at the Renaissance Tour, where fans are supposed to go silent when Beyoncé sings “Look around everybody on mute” during the song “Energy.”

While many fans have gotten the memo and executed the challenge without fail, like in Atlanta, other cities such as Phoenix and St. Louis have had some trouble staying quiet because they were just too excited.

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