Beyoncé releases mini video for ‘SUMMER RENNAISANCE’ featuring Tiffany & Co.

Beyoncé continues to triumph with her latest album ‘Renaissance‘, which has already sold more than one million units worldwide according to MediaTraffic and continues to top the world’s most important charts two months after its international release.

However, unlike his previous album projects, ‘RENAISSANCE‘ has no official video to support the promotion of the album in its first weeks on sale. In fact, so far only a teaser video for ‘I’M THAT GIRL‘ and a short moving video for the hit ‘BREAK MY SOUL’ have been released.

We have not been able to see any live performance of any of the songs on the album, so the closest thing to a promotional video is the video that the artist recently released with the jewelry brand Tiffany & Co.

In this spot, the singer can be seen in a nightclub with a large group of dancers while the song that closes the album, ‘SUMMER RENAISSANCE’, plays in the background.

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