Who Is Ingrid Andress & Why Was Her National Anthem So Unusual?

“Who is Ingrid Andress” is a very popular Google search after the 32-year-old country singer’s performance of the National Anthem at the MLB Home Run Derby on Monday (July 16). The short answer: Andress is a three-time Grammy nominated singer with a pair of Top 5 country hits. The long answer helps explain what may […]

Why Ingrid Andress Had Been MIA Before Disastrous National Anthem

Ingrid Andress told her fans that she had been struggling both personally and professionally in the year leading up to her disastrous rendition of the National Anthem at the 2024 MLB Home Run Derby on Monday night (July 15). Why Is Ingrid Andress Going Viral? Andress delivered a weak, off-pitch and generally lackluster version of “The […]

Top 200 ’70s Songs

Focusing on a decade in which classic rock came into its own, the below list of the Top 200 ’70s Songs spans the gamut of cornerstone bands. Some were on their way out. But former members of the Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel began crafting solo gems for the ages. The stalwart Rolling Stones, meanwhile, showed they weren’t […]

Beastie Boys Sue Restaurant Chain for Alleged Copyright Violation

Beastie Boys have taken legal action against Brinker International, the owners of the Chili’s restaurant chain, for allegedly infringing upon the band’s copyright with a commercial resembling that of the band’s hit song and music video “Sabotage.” Living members Michael Diamond (MIke D.) and Adam Horovitz (Ad-Rock), along with Dechen Yauch, who is the executor […]

Lady Gaga’s ‘Stupid Love’ Is Trending Because of Katy Perry

Lady Gaga‘s song “Stupid Love” is trending again, and it is thanks to another pop star. On July 11, fellow singer Katy Perry released her song and music video for her song “Woman’s World.” Instantly, it set the internet ablaze and drew comparisons to Gaga’s song “Stupid Love” from her Chromatica album in 2020. “Woman’s […]

Fans React to Katy Perry’s New Single ‘Woman’s World’

Katy Perry has officially launched her newest era with the first single from her upcoming album, “Woman’s World.” The song dropped on Thursday, July 11 with an accompanying music video and sets the tone for the vibe of 143, which is set to drop on Sept. 20, 2024. READ MORE: The Hidden Meaning Behind Katy Perry’s […]

Country Songs Written by Married Couples

Plenty of superstar couples have chemistry onstage together, but it’s a little rarer for husband-and-wife teams to collaborate on the songwriting process. For example, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are one of country music’s most iconic couples, and together, they’ve recorded some of the genre’s most romantic love songs. But hits like “It’s Your Love” […]

Rock Stars Who Became American Citizens

There is more than one way to become an American. The most obvious is to be born on United States soil, but there’s another option that requires a little more paperwork. Becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen does not happen overnight. For those born elsewhere, its something of a lengthy endeavor — from application processing to the citizenship interview […]

What Taylor Swift Had to Say About Sabrina Carpenter’s Big Year

Taylor Swift is cheering on her friend Sabrina Carpenter. Taking to her Instagram on July 4, Carpenter shared that her upcoming Short ‘n Sweet Tour has officially sold out and that her song “Espresso” has gone to No. 1 on pop radio. “And just like that you guys sold out the entire short n’ sweet […]

Lil Mama Blames Nicki Minaj for Influencing ‘Musical Prostitutes’

Lil Mama blames Nicki Minaj for Influencing a generation of “musical prostitutes” in response to the performances at the 2024 BET Awards. Lil Mama Reacts to Dee-1 Post On Monday (July 1), Louisiana rapper Dee-1 shared a post on Instagram where he criticizes the 2024 BET Awards in song form due to the multiple number of […]