Author: Rick Rizer What is it about the night that brings out that primal urge to indulge in the greasiest, fattiest fast-food meals we can get our equally greasy, fat hands on? Perhaps it’s the mysterious light of a full moon. Or the promise of adventure that every gust of witching-hour wind brings. Source: Thrillist  

Hot dogs and sausages are the perennial MVP of a concession stand at Major League ballparks across the country. Fans return each year to enjoy their classic favorites and to try new—often over-the-top, but always delicious – creations.  The Hot Dog Council has compiled this guide featuring some of this year’s most unique offerings, along […]

“Stranger Things” star David Harbour has promised to officiate the wedding of a fan if his request gets 666,000 retweets. Harbour was at New York Comic Con Saturday to promote his movie “Hellboy,” which is due in theaters on April 12th. The actor plays the titular demon, who is red and has horns on his […]

Winter is coming, and now there is the perfect drink to keep “Game of Thrones” obsessives warm. HBO and Johnnie Walker have joined forces to create a “Game of Thrones”-inspired blended scotch dubbed White Walker by Johnnie Walker. The single malt whisky takes its name from the feared supernatural creatures who inhabit the frozen lands […]

On October 15th, the Cooking Channel is debuting “Good Eats: Reloaded,” a combination of classic episodes of the original Food Network juggernaut with new footage that addresses holes in host Alton Brown’s research and techniques. He says that he came up with the idea after watching reruns of Season 1 of “Good Eats.” “I realized, […]

Today is International Coffee Day. Originating in Ethiopia and tracing its first consumption to Sufi monasteries in 15th-century Yemen, coffee has been energizing people around the world for over 600 years. Today, this piping hot liquid is a breakfast staple in hundreds of countries – some 2.2 billion cups of coffee are consumed around the […]

America’s 13 Scariest Haunted Houses 2018 has been revealed by Get your scare on at these spooky places: Headless Horseman’s Hayrides and Haunted Houses – Ulster Park, New York – Field Of Screams– Mountville, Pennsylvania – The Dent Schoolhouse– Cincinnati, Ohio – The 13th Gate– Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Netherworld– Atlanta, Georgia – Nightmare on 13th– Salt Lake City, Utah – Haunted Schoolhouse & Haunted Laboratory– Akron, Ohio – Bennett’s Curse– Baltimore, […] Rick Rizer interviews Shelem

Oreos are getting a makeover in honor of Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday. A limited-edition batch of Oreo cookies – with three different celebratory designs etched into them – will land on shelves on Sept. 24. The filling will be confetti birthday cake filling. The three designs are a party horn, a large “90” and Mickey […]

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