Tokimonsta is back on her heady beat wave. The Grammy-nominated producer’s single “Fried For The Night” comes with funky melodic verses from Atlanta rap duo Earthgang and boppin’ 808 rhythms for your next smoke session. 

“Everyone has a moment where they feel fried and burnt, but what about those moments you feel fried and turnt?” Tokimonsta is quoted in a press release. “Earthgang brought their special magic to the studio and we made something other worldly. This song is dedicated to those psychedelic moments where our reality opens up a new point of view.”

“Fried For The Night” is a hallucinatory head-case with a psychedelic video, directed by Romain Laurent, that pits the producer and rappers inside a kaleidoscopic house party. The song is melodic and vibe heavy, a real jammer you can ride. It’s also the first single from Tokimonsta’s fourth studio LP Oasis Nocturno, due for release March 20. It follows previous album Lune Rouge.

The L.A.-based beat queen is scheduled to play Coachella 2020; the back-to-back Indio weekends will serve as a lunach point for her Oasis Nocturno tour through the summer.

Watch the video for “Fried For The Night” with Earthgang and check her full summer tour dates below. 

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