Jason Aldean and Jimmy Fallon found themselves singing a ditty at their “local dive” when it was time to take a break from their families on the night before Thanksgiving.

The pair took the time to say cheers to many characters from their past — from an old math teacher to the weird guy who never wore pants to the classmate who was valedictorian but is now dancing on the bar — in a Tonight Show segment on Thursday night (Nov. 28).

“So cheers to you, and cheers to me/ Cheers to Jan and her new teeth/ To finally clearin’ all the air/ Cheers to your remaining hair/ Those neon lights and drunken fights, my past I am re-livin’/ At my hometown bar on the night before Thanksgiving,” they sang together.

Watch their “Hometown Bar” skit below and check out Aldean’s performance of “We Back,” the lead single off of new album 9.

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