On the beat, no less.

There’s only one way Ariana Grande falls in concert: like a boss.

As if further proof was needed that Ari is smooth as butter, the singer stumbled and nearly face-planted during the second song of her show at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, on Sunday night (Nov. 24), but played it off like a champ. 

“Thank you for making me feel loved when I fell earlier,” she said later in the show, laughing off the stumble, according to the Tampa Bay Times. “I had to fall. It’s been 87 shows and I haven’t fallen yet, so it had to happen.”

The slip was caught on tape, of course, as Grande strutted across a platform in super-tall knee-high vinyl boots before flopping to her knees into the arms of a heads-up dancer who seamlessly caught her and kept the show going after somehow slipping and falling right on the beat. She felt pretty good about the play off, tweeting, “Oh my. at least I still made the button. i’m crying. things were going too well.”

Check ou the clip — and her good-humored reaction — below.

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