Carrie Underwood is a seductive lounge singer in the sultry new video for “Drinking Alone,” released on Wednesday (Nov. 20).

In the picturesque four-minute clip, Underwood is shown on the stage performing with an upright bass and guitar player when she notices a man in the back of the room drinking by himself. In a series of vignettes she joins him following her performance while other shots show him seated by himself as he burns a photo of an ex, which appears to be Underwood.

Underwood’s vocals shine on the sultry power ballad where she begs, “We should be drinking alone, together.” The singer penned the song with longtime collaborators David Garcia and Brett James.

“Drinking Alone” is the fourth single to be released off 2018’s Cry Pretty, Underwood’s sixth full-length LP. It follows previous singles “Cry Pretty,” “Love Wins” and “Southbound.”

The video for “Drinking Alone” is below.

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