You know those loves that just turn your world upside down? Your stomach does flips like roller coaster rides, and the dirty sidewalk becomes a disco catwalk where you can strut before the world. That’s the vibe on Big Wild’s “6’s to 9’s,” a tongue-in-cheek love song featuring singer Rationale from the producer’s album Superdream.

“I had been trying to work with Rationale for a long time,” Big Wild’s Jackson Stell tells Billboard Dance.” I finally connected with him, sent him a few demos, and he really gravitated towards one of them. He sent me back these incredible vocals and lyrics and I knew there was something great here. I then went back in and finished the production and arrangement to really maximize his voice and the hook.”

The LP was released in February, but the tune was always one of Stell’s favorites, and he wanted to give it plenty of room to shine. For the visual, he and director Andi Lipo tapped into the Bollywood inspiration that lived in the back of his mind while working on the tune.

“I wanted to channel this inspiration into a dance video with a borderline cliché, lovey garden setting,” Stell says. “The music video really captured the dreamy energy of the song in a beautiful and fun way …Creating something euphoric based on dance and movement.“

It’s a fun and flirty clip full of flowers and Indian-inspired dance moves. Watch the official music video for “6’s to 9’s” featuring Rationale below.

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