It might look like winter out your window, but Katy Perry is keeping the tropical vibes close to her heart. The pop singer’s “Harleys in Hawaii” is a romantic island ride with slow dance groove in its soul, but sometimes you want to spice things up, and for that, Perry brings the remix.

Make that two remixes, actually. The first comes from Long Island up-and-comer Kandy who gives the laidback tune a kickin’ house rhythm and electric atmosphere. It’s just as sultry with R&B breakdowns and low-lid attitude, but it’s got the energy to turn your small talk into bedroom banter.

Next up is an alt-rock inspired take from Chicago duo Win and Woo. Electric guitars, drum machines and bumpin bass rhythms pump these pineapple juices into wavy rum punch. The tempo is kicked up a notch but the haltime beat keeps things smooth and sensual. 

It’s double your pleasure with this remix pack. Both versions are out now on Capital Records.

Listen to Win and Woo’s and Kandy’s below.

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