The bond between Waldo and Sango is indestructible. After forging a bond in 8th grade, the rapper and producer tandem have remained in-touch well into their 20s. Today (Nov. 11), Waldo presents his new album Grove via Billboard, with production helmed by Sango, Savon and Mighty Mozaic. 

“Working with Sango and Savon on this project came naturally, the 28-year-old lyricist tells Billboard. “The bond that we created over the years can be heard in the music.”

Tracks such as “Kamron” and “God Nem” finds Waldo flaunting his punchy lyricism, while gliding through the robust production of Sango. The former allows Waldo to give fans a sneak-peek into Kamron, which serves as his government name. 

“I never do what I’m told, runaway slave / and I own my masters, the money is getting saved,” he cleverly raps. 

“I’ve been working with Waldo since the 8th grade and I’ve always seen his potential,” says Sango, who recently linked up with Xavier Omar for their joint album Moments Spent Loving You. “This album is the start of a new season spiritually and sonically for everyone involved.”

Get hip to Waldo and his new album Grove below. 

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