This is Lublin’s third charge following his initial arrest in September.

Former AEG executive Adam Lublin was charged with a third sexual assault by the Manhattan District attorney, this time involving a sleeping co-worker. The DA announced Monday that it is now charging Lublin with first-degree sexual assault involving a Nov. 22, 2015, sexual assault of a person who was “incapable of consent by reason of being physically helpless.”

According to the bail application presented by the DA, the co-worker awoke to Lublin’s “non-consensual touching” and immediately confronted him, waking up her friend who was sleeping in the room with her. She also reported the assault to her friend and to others. The incident was investigated by the company HR department. Billboard previously reported that Lublin was forced to resign from AEG in 2017 because of inappropriate behavior.

In addition, the DA revealed that Lublin also has a prior arrest for driving while impaired for which he pleaded guilty on Jan. 20, 2015. The DA brought up Lublin’s prior arrest and new indictment as part of their bail application regarding the conditions of Lublin’s current bail and bond release conditions.

Lublin was arrested in September after allegedly sneaking into a neighbor’s apartment, stealing her underwear and sexually assaulting her while she slept. One week later, he was arrested a second time and charged with burglary and sexual assault for a similar incident with the victim’s roommate that had allegedly taken place before his first roommate. The DA revealed at the bail hearing that they had already compiled “ample corroboration” that showed that it was Lublin who entered his neighbors’ apartment on two occasions, Sept. 8 and Sept. 15, and sexually assaulted the women in that apartment who were sleeping. A forensic search of Lublin’s phone revealed that he had searched for pornography and erotica depicting unconscious women being sexually touched and also took photographs while inside the women’s apartment on two separate occasions.

The DA also argued that Lublin was a flight risk due to the fact that they determined that after the police knocked on his door, but prior to his arrest, he searched the internet for hotels and costume stores. He also reportedly snuck out of the service exit of his building with $1,266, which they say indicates his intent to flee and evade law enforcement. While Lublin previously posted bond of $175,000 on Sept. 15 and posted an additional $100,000 and surrendered his passport this week, the DA argued that the case against Lublin is “much stronger” now that he has been charged with this new incident.

Lublin is also expected to face additional charges of first-degree sexual abuse and unlawful surveillance regarding a video discovered on his iCloud, according to the DA. If he is indicted on these additional charges, he could be facing a maximum sentence of 45 years in prison.

Lublin’s attorney and AEG have not responded to requests for comment on the new charge.

In a September interview with Billboard, Lublin shared plans to check himself in to rehab. “I’ve known I’ve needed to go for a while and I just haven’t,” he said. “Now it’s not even a choice. I must go.”

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