Kristen Stewart is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend with musical guest Coldplay. In a hilarious new promo for the episode, the Charlie’s Angels actress comes face-to-face with Kate McKinnon, who often portrays her on the hit sketch comedy show.

“I think we all know who the king of the castle is around here, right?” McKinnon asks, spinning around in a chair after Stewart finishes reading the promotional information from a teleprompter. “You’ve been here before.”

Stewart, who hosted the show in 2017, claps back, “Wasn’t that long ago. Apparently somebody thought I did a pretty good job.”

“Yeah, your mom!” the SNL castmember responds, and after deciding that the comeback was “way too far,” the duo dive into an intense thumb war.

Ultimately, Stewart wins, and McKinnon immediately changes her attitude in fear, offering to grab the actress a snack.

Watch the promo below, and catch the SNL episode this Saturday (Nov. 2). 

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