Plus, Ivy Queen’s single “La Roca” and Nacho’s first solo album UNO.

Viva Friday is a compilation of the best new Latin songs, albums and videos recommended by the Billboard Latin editors.

This week’s Viva Friday playlist includes new music by Victor Manuelle, Matisse, Nacho and more.

Victor Manuelle, Memorias de Navidad (Sony Music Latin)

Christmas season officially begun in October, since singer Victor Manuelle released his album Memorias de Navidad (Memories of Christmas) album and kicked off the holiday season. The set, which includes 12 tracks, musically leaves Victor Manuelle’s typical salsa behind and enters to the sounds of bomba y plena, the traditional holiday music of la isla del encanto, and the cuatro (an instrument that is similar to an acoustic guitar) to describe how the Christmas traditions in Puerto Rico are celebrated to the new generations, wherever they are. Memorias arrives almost 12 years after his first Christmas album, Una Navidad A Mi Estilo, was nominated for Latin Grammy. With Memorias de Navidad out, it’s time to get ready for the best time of the year. — SUZETTE FERNANDEZ

Nacho, UNO (Universal Music Latino Entertainment)

In February 2017, Nacho announced that he was leaving duo Chino & Nacho to begin his solo career, and today, his first album finally arrived. The 21-track set called UNO clearly shows the sound that stands out Nacho, and goes from tropical and mambo to urban (including reggaeton, dancehall and trap). Lyrically, Nacho keeps his romantic essence but, at the same time, he goes out of his confort zone and in songs like “Emborrachate,” “Delirio” and “Ella Se Va” immerses himself in the calle (street) style lyrics which are used in reggaeton tracks. The album also includes hits like “Bailame,” “No Te Vas” and “Casualidad.”– SF

Dom La Nena – “Oiseau Sauvage”

Brazilian singer-songwriter and cellist, Dominique Pinto who goes by moniker Dom La Nena releases “Oiseau Savage,” a theatrical-tinged tune, serene in its expression yet draped in intricate instrumentation.  The delicate three-language song (Spanish, Portuguese, French) and first single off her upcoming album Tempo released via Six Degrees Records, delves into a dreamy world of sensations with sophisticated looping techniques and layering vocals as the song internalizes in the reflections of mother-offspring emotions in a cinematic video directed by Jeremiah (R.E.M.) in collaboration with French magician Etienne Saglio. — PAMELA BUSTIOS

Daniela Andrade – “Fin” (6 Music)

Stimulating, playful, and intrepid are Honduran-Canadian Daniela Andrade’s vocals on her eight-track Tamale EP out today. “Fin,” the singer-songwriter’s co-produced Spanglish single alongside Gray Rowan, follows the R&B-tinted “Ayayai” and the sentimental “Gallo Pinto”. The hummable ballad skirted by casual jangling guitar riffs and melancholy-jazzed bass chords, pushes Andrade’s vocals into a warm ambling tempo that evokes a provocative strut. Based on a real story, “Fin” reflects on endings and beginnings, on separations and self-awareness with a merciful look at the mundane “Heridas y manchas, camisas colgadas en el salon…jabón ahogando restauración” (“scars and stains, shirts hanging in the living room…soap drowning restoration”). — PB

Ivy Queen – “La Roca”  

Ivy Queen is here to empower women with her latest track “La Roca,” whose raw lyrics put female empowerment at the forefront. Singing about self-worth, self-love and what she represents in the Latin music industry, the Puerto Rican singer reminds people that she’s “a rock” and she’s here to stay. “I have the respect that can’t be bought,” she flaunts in her verses. Unlike her previous reggaeton and trap tracks, “La Roca” has a refreshing sound that fuses caribbean beats with EDM flairs, ready to be added to your holiday playlist. The single is accompanied by an animated music video that shows a cartoon of Ivy making headlines, selling out shows, and defeating the world. On Thursday (October 24), Ivy Queen was one of the five artists added to the prestigious Latino Songwriters Hall of Fame, honoring the world’s greatest Latin music creators and their memorable songs. On Instagram, Ivy dedicated her La Musa Award and her new song to her daughter Naiovy. Watch the music video for “La Roca” below. — JESSICA ROIZ

Matisse, Camilo – “Primer Avion” (Sony Music Mexico)

Matisse and Camilo have teamed up to fuse the Mexican group’s pop melodies with the Colombian singer’s reggaeton-pop in “Primera Avion” (first flight). With heartfelt lyrics such as “why don’t you come back today? / Take the first flight / You have no idea how I feel / dying of love,” the track spotlights the ever-challenging long distance love. In the music video, Matisse, composed by Melissa, Pablo and Roman, and Camilo perform the song in an airplane and runway. Sweet scenes show family members and couples reuniting at the airport. Watch it below. — JR

Favian Lovo, Lele Pons, Lyanno – “Los Puti” (Interscope)

At only 16 years old, Favian Lovo hits the music scene with his first-ever single “Los Puti” in collaboration with Lele Pons and Lyanno. Hailing from Venezuela, Lovo is an urban-pop artist that’s bringing his fresh vocals and dark features to the table. “Los Puti” is a song about a man who’s crushing over a hard-to-get girl. “You can have whoever you want but your heart is blind,” the feel-good chorus says. The playful music video shows Lovo spying on his neighbor (Pons) while she’s throwing a pool party. Her friend, Lyanno, then invites Lovo to come and join the fun. Watch the clip below. — JR

LYNX- “Hasta Arder” (Afónico Music)

La Plata, Buenos Aires-based band LYNX releases “Hasta Arder,” fifth single of its forthcoming EP Ruinas.  The alternative-rock quartet formed by Daniel Brichetti, Franco Brichetti, Manuel Rodriguez and Lucas Stefenón, whittles down into a self-analysis of relational differences in this captivating synth-atmospheric tune with honeyed keyboard strokes and bated vocals. No quiero que nos digan como es vernos directo hasta arder (“I don’t want to be told what it’s like to see us until we burn”). — PB

Cimarrón – “Penitas de Mi Corazón”

Colombian joropo band Cimarrón releases another belter with “Penitas de Mi Corazón,” a llanera tune which handovers the loss of the pain to everyday life. The cuatro guitar, fast-picking bandola and maraca-driven single, puts the Carlos Cuco Rojas-fronted group’s artistic perspective to the fore as it segues between rhythm and individual expression in this song of responsorial structure that enhances the African heritage of the joropo with spontaneity and virtuosity.–  PB


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