Welcome to #TBT Mixtape, Billboard’s series that showcases artists’ very own throwback-themed playlists exclusive to Billboard‘s Spotify account. The curated set features the artists’ favorite tracks from their youth and childhood.

This week’s spin comes from Julia Haltigan. A chameleonic creative force, the New York singer-songwriter has released three albums to date — 2011’s My Green Heart, 2012’s Magneto and 2016’s Hot Tears. As a rising actor, she moonlights as jazz crooner Vivienne Fairchild in the off-Broadway hit Sleep No More, and made her small screen debut on HBO’s The Deuce. She’s also previously collaborated with pals Scarlett Johansson, Holly Miranda, Este Haim and Kendra Morris on the supergroup Sugar for Sugar. 

Currently part of the Jameson Whisky artist roster (Shannon Shaw of the Clams, Robert Ellis), Haltigan has toured extensively in the U.S. and U.K., with dates performing alongside Judy Collins, Steve Earle, Norah Jones, and Rhett Miller. Fashion designer John Varvatos has lent support as well, and tapped her to perform at his 315 Bowery boutique (the former location of legendary rock club CBGB) as part of his Varvatos Music Series.

Next up, Haltigan will release her new record Trouble tomorrow (Fri. Oct. 25), produced by W. Andrew Raposo (Midnight Magic) and featuring early cuts like “Ice Cream Switchblade,” “Wool,” and “Debris of Love.” New single “Bad Habit” was inspired by the “idea of temptation” (“why it’s in our nature to give in to it and whether or nor that’s a bd thing,” she asks), and was helmed by Dave Sitek of TV On The Radio. “I’ve been a fan of his music for ages and became an even bigger fan when I met him in person several years ago,” she says. “I’ll jump on any opportunity to collaborate and hang out at his wild kingdom of a studio. Magic happens there.”

To help celebrate her new record, Haltigan put together this week’s #TBT Mixtape as a love letter to her Lower East Side upbringing, a place she describes as “a heady mix of danger, possibility and art.” 

“It was fun revisiting my musical tastes when I was a kid,” she says of the mix, which features Lou Reed, Blondie, Nick Cave and more. “Although I now need to book a therapy session.” The playlist contains tracks from her “first ever crush” Elvis Presley (“Blue Moon”) as well as songs she “dug in high school — sparing the most embarrassing ones,” she jokes.

Haltigan’s “personal mythology” informed the rest: “My friend Zara is one of the girls on the cover of Nick Cave’s ‘The Good Son’ and I was supposed to be there for that photo shoot too but I canceled to eat ice cream at Bowlmor (probably),” she jokes. “Also my dad was friends with Gibby Haynes from Butthole Surfers back in the late ‘80s so we listened to a lot of their music and my dad wore a lot of their swag. This was completely mortifying when he picked me up from school because his shirts often said ‘Butthole’ on them, but in retrospect it was obviously pretty cool.”

Give the playlist a spin and check out a throwback snap of the artist below.

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