Alternative singer-songwriter Mondo Cozmo gives star Anna Faris every reason to stay indoors with his latest single “Come On,” premiering today (Oct. 24) with an accompanying visual, exclusively on Billboard.

“Come On” pairs his endlessly accessible sound with powerful lyrics that hold a heavier, more personal weight. The song, co-written by seasoned songwriter and Semisonic frontman Dan Wilson, has been rife with tension since its creation, which was initially inspired by the devastating wildfires in Malibu in 2018. However, its Faris’ revealing performance that pushes the track into an undeniably gripping spectacle.

“After our first location fell through we decided to shoot the video at Anna’s old house,” The L.A.-based artist — born Josh Ostrander — tells Billboard. “She had not been there since it had been put on the market to be sold. The house was unrecognizable. It was staged with different furniture and art, everything was white, sanitized and cold. Anna’s performance is raw and beautiful, frantic and soft. I can’t help but think this unrecognizable house where she had so many memories played into her delivery. It was remarkable to watch.”

“Come On” marks the second collaboration between Faris and Mondo Cozmo after her starring role in the visual for “Hold On To Me,” from his 2017 debut album Plastic Soul. Faris shoulders more responsibility here as the sole focus (aside from a brief cameo by Ostrander), and she absolutely delivers on the song’s emotional punch.

A single tracking shot follows Faris as she runs the evocative gamut while pacing the halls, pounding the counters and pumping her fists in triumph. Just as “Come On” feels like a singular work that could only be developed from Ostrander, Faris’ distinctive skill and close relationship to the material bring an unparalleled dynamism to the visual.

“My friendship with Anna is one of the most magical things in my life,” Ostrander gushes. “She is a force creatively and professionally. I am honored to call her my friend.”

Though the outcome of the duo’s confrontation at visual’s conclusion is left ambiguous, “Come On” proves they’re quite the pair.

“Come On” is the second offering from Mondo Cozmo’s next project after “Black Cadillac,” which was released in August. 

Check out the visual for “Come On” below.

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