The Avatar 2 marketing team has been responding to criticism online with memes. The world was a different place when Avatar first hit theaters in 2009. Social media was really in its infancy and Instagram didn’t even drop until 2010. Now, nine years later, social media is how a lot of people live their lives and how artists, actors, musicians, studios, and more interact with fans. With that being said, everybody has an opinion and they aren’t always the most positive when it comes to Avatar 2 and the rest of the announced sequels.

Thankfully, whoever is running the official Avatar Twitter account is giving some of these trolls a taste of their own medicine. But, even then, some of these reactions have gotten kind of nasty, with more than a few attacking James Cameron and referring to him as a “hack.” One of the most famous Avatar memes revolves around the Papyrus font, which was mocked by Ryan Gosling in a hilarious Saturday Night Live skit. The social media account rolls its eyes at the meme in question. The sequels have since ditched the font, which seems like a wise choice.

While the social media accounts for Avatar 2 seems to have a good sense of humor about the criticisms, James Cameron doesn’t always have the best reactions to this kind of thing. The director is very outspoken and has no problem speaking his mind when something is bothering him, which sometimes gets him into trouble, like when he spoke out against Wonder Woman, noting that it wasn’t as groundbreaking as his Sarah Connor character from the Terminator franchise.

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So far, the response hasn’t been as positive as one would’ve thought for Avatar 2. The movie was announced with three other sequels, which might not have been the best idea from a marketing standpoint. However, each movie is coming out two years apart and takes a cue from the Marvel Studios method. While Avatar may have been the highest grossing movie of all time, ten years is a pretty long wait for a sequel and it may have passed its time for many people who were looking forward to it a decade ago. Whatever the case may be, James Cameron is pretty confident that the fans are going to enjoy what he’s making.

Whether Avatar 2 is able to top Avengers: Endgame is a mystery. At this point in time, it doesn’t look like it, but we’re still over a year away from it hitting theaters. Perhaps interest will pick up in the next several months after we get to see our first footage from the long-awaited movie. In the meantime, the Avatar social media team is going to continue to troll the trolls with some pretty humorous exchanges. You can check out some of the more notable responses below, thanks to the official Avatar Twitter account.

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