Thanks to a fanmade trailer, we have some idea of what Deadpool 3 could have looked like in an alternate universe. One in which Sony and Disney managed to work out their differences, allowing for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to continue existing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this slightly alternate reality, Holland’s webslinger could have teamed up with Ryan Reynolds’ Merc With a Mouth for what could have been an extremely entertaining ride, as we see in this trailer.

The video was cooked up by a YouTuber named Billy Crammer. It simply cobbles together footage from Deadpool, Deadpool 2, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and even some of Andrew Garfield’s work from The Amazing Spider-Man series, to show us what these two characters sharing the screen could have looked like. Wade Wilson and Peter Parker, though very different, both like to crack wise, and we see how that could have played out. It’s action-packed, playful and fun. Also, the visual styles of both characters seem to flow quite nicely, when looking at the footage in this way.

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Ryan Reynolds previously expressed his openness to the idea of sharing the screen with Spider-Man. It’s something many Marvel fans would like to see. Sadly, this is no longer a possibility, even though, for a brief time, it was very much something that could have been explored. Back in March, the Disney/Fox merger finally closed, which means Marvel Studios now controls the X-Men and Fantastic Four character franchise rights. This extends to Deadpool. When the deal first went into effect, Marvel Studios’ deal with Sony, who controls the movie rights to Spider-Man, was also still going strong.

However, as fans are surely aware, Sony has decided not to continue working with Marvel Studios on future Spider-Man movies. The two sides couldn’t come to an agreement on terms, so Sony will be taking Tom Holland’s Peter Parker and venturing out away from the MCU. Eventually, the plan is for them to fold Holland into the Venom-verse, as it were. While some are holding out hope the two sides could come back to the negotiating table, there is no evidence that is going to happen. For now, Spidey’s time in the MCU is done, just as Deadpool’s time in the MCU is ready to begin.

To that point, it hasn’t yet been revealed how Marvel intends to bring Deadpool into the fold. Will it be with Deadpool 3? Will they instead try to introduce him in another movie first? His R-rated sensibilities don’t quite align with the PG-13 nature of the MCU, which complicates things at least a little bit. But there’s money to be made here, so they will undoubtedly figure it out. Just don’t expect to see Spider-Man as part of the equation. Be sure to check out the Deadpool 3: Spider-Man trailer from Billy Crammer’s YouTube channel for yourself.

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