REGISTER TODAY! Run or walk the course in support of the fight against addiction. All proceeds go to Brian’s Safehouse.

Hear Rick’s Conversation with Leslie Pease about the Run to Renew


The event is to be held Saturday, August 3, at W.W.H.S. The Start time is 8 am, with registration/check-in beginning at 7:30 am.  Its purpose is to provide a positive community event focusing on renewing ourselves through healthy lifestyles while recognizing that there is hope for renewal for those who have fallen into addiction.

The slogan “Run to Renew” emphasizes both:  when we run, we are strengthening and renewing our bodies, and those in the race are running to help strengthen and renew those seeking to escape addiction.

Brian’s Safehouse is committed to serving the community through its men’s and women’s 12-month residential addiction programs, as well as through community classes, residents sharing their stories at community events, service clubs, in schools and churches.  All proceeds from the race go to Brian’s Safehouse and Sparrow’s Nest.

We are excited about the run and the opportunity it affords to bring our community together.  With age categories ranging from 14 and under all the way to 80 and older,

people of all ages will be encouraged to come out and Run to Renew.  We invite you to join us!