The Jonas Brothers are releasing their entire back catalog on vinyl. Nick, Joe and Kevin have announced the Jonas Vinyl Club, a mail order subscription club that will deliver all of their albums directly to fans. Fans will receive 18 records in total including “Jonas Brothers,” “A Little Bit Longer” and “Lines, Vines and Trying Times” as well as their solo albums. The club will also include the first ever official release of the band’s fifth album, “V,” which never hit shelves before the band’s breakup.

For $399, you’ll get eight albums, 10 singles, a Jonas Brothers slipmat for your turntable, posters and other goodies. The goodies will arrive in four different shipments, starting in August. If you shell out $599, you’ll get all that stuff, plus different-colored vinyl variations, five more albums and a metal case you can use to store the whole collection. Their new album, “Happiness Begins,” isn’t part of either of these packages. The Jonas Brothers have also released a new single called “Runaway,” recorded in collaboration with Latinx stars Sebastián Yatra, Daddy Yankee, and Natti Natasha. Meanwhile, “Greenlight,” the song that The Jonas Brothers recorded as part of their appearance on the NBC series “Songland” is out now as well.


For more information, see the Jonas Vinyl Club website here.